The Board

The board are responsible for the core strategy and operations of DevelopHer. All volunteers, each member has different responsibilities including leading events, the mentoring programme, our communications, links with partner groups and more.

Find out about our other team, the Associates here.

Emily Atkinson, Managing Director

Emily is a software engineer at the renowned online printing and design company, Coming into coding from a non-traditional path, Emily is passionate about encouraging others to learn more, regardless of experience. She was involved in the UK drive for Hour of Code, is interested in the crossover with tech and education, and regularly gives talks for … Continue reading Emily Atkinson, Managing Director

Sally Freeman

Sally runs Love Live Music UK specialising in Digital PR & online Social Media for Musicians & Artists. An Event Producer and creative Geek you can find Sally always representing the lives, loves and conversations of stakeholders and audience in the digital environment. Sally has contributed to the Guardian, Wired and BBC Radio 4 & … Continue reading Sally Freeman

Laura Chung

Laura is a Regional Product Marketing Manager at comScore,Inc for the international markets. With an underlying interest for tech and start-ups, she previously worked at Microsoft and a crowd-testing start-up based in Munich called Testbirds. Laura is passionate about building women’s confidence in the tech and digital space, whilst having fun organizing kickass events! In her … Continue reading Laura Chung

Maya Ross

Maya is one of the few native Londoners in the DevelopHer team, but don’t think she’s any less worldly. She devotes her days to growing GoCardless, the online payments start-up that was lauded as Wired’s Second Hottest London start-up in their 2013 round-up. Her few hours of tinkling with C++ as part of her Physics degree, … Continue reading Maya Ross

Louise Deason

Louise was a late starter on the tech scene, but is now a full time ComSci student in London (and fed up at being one of only 6 girls on the course!). Previous work includes a stint at Facebook as PA to Joanna Shields, and Head of People/HR at DueDil, one of London’s hottest startups … Continue reading Louise Deason

Alessia D’Urso

Italian born and bred, Alessia moved to London a few years ago and she’s currently the Community Coordinator at KNOMO, a premium brand who creates accessories that help you organise your life, so you can “Work Free”. She’s in love with food and cooking (ah! Italians…) and she casually takes photos (when she’s not busy … Continue reading Alessia D’Urso

Ella Roche

Ella is a PR Manager at The Honey Partnership, she primarily works with Chinese technology brands supporting their expansion into Europe and the U.S. She has a keen interest in start-ups, crowdfunding and consumer technology. With a love for storytelling and building communities she helped organise the independent TED Talks event TEDxClapham in 2015 and … Continue reading Ella Roche

Eniko Tarkany-Szucs

Eniko is the Senior Partner Manager of Services for EMEA at Sprinklr, a unicorn enterprise customer experience management tool. Her background is in social media at GE and Edelman Digital. She’s passionate about the start-up world, understanding how businesses work, connecting people and generally curious about everything. She loves live music, behavioural economics and getting out … Continue reading Eniko Tarkany-Szucs

Sophie Dermaux

Sophie is a Senior Account Executive at the Tech PR agency Hotwire. For the past two years, she has gained experience working on Consumer Tech and FinTech clients . With a love for constantly learning new things, she has spent over two years living in Spain, where she developed her passion for travel, volunteering and … Continue reading Sophie Dermaux