Coaching Programme

Coaching Programme 2018: Your Bravest Year

We are thrilled to announce that DevelopHer, in partnership with The Bravest Path, are offering an exclusive 6-month coaching programme to challenge and support members of our community to be ‘your bravest self’ in 2018. Participants in the programme will experience the Daring Way TM development based on the ground-breaking research of Dr Brené Brown with 4 online development sessions and 4 one-to-one Skype coaching sessions. The program will culminate in sharing your stories of courage to the DevelopHer community of where you have shown up, be seen and lived bravely in 2018.

We will select 12 people to take part in the programme. These participants will come away with a greater understanding of themselves and will start living brave and taking action towards a more fulfilled, joyful and connected life. They will learn to understand the barriers that hold them back from being brave, such as fear of what people think, perfectionism or fear of failure, and be given tools to practice overcoming these.

Update: The application deadline was Thursday, 1st March 2018 and we are now no longer taking applications. We are currently reviewing applications and get back to candidates by March 10th.

To give a taste of the workshops, we held a coaching day on Saturday, February 24th in Covent Garden, London – made possible by our venue sponsor Qubit. Read about the workshop here.

What can Applicants expect?

This programme will help you:

  • take steps to realise your aspirations and make changes in your life
  • feel braver and more confident
  • have greater clarity on your purpose and areas that make your life meaningful
  • act authentically in a way that’s consistent with your values
  • understand whose opinion really matters to you, and let go of pleasing others
  • have a greater self-awareness of what holds you back and what moves you forward
  • feel more connected to a network of other brave women within DevelopHer

Programme Itinerary

Saturday February 24th: The power of vulnerability and powerful storytelling. This was an information event open to all. Read a recap of the workshop here.

March 14th – 20th: One-to-one coaching session: Values (Timings to be arranged with yourself and your coach from The Bravest Path)

Wednesday March 21st, 7-9pm: Webinar 1 – How to create authentic and connected relationships

Week beginning March 26th: 1hr coaching session (Timings to be arranged with yourself and your coach from The Bravest Path)

Wednesday April 4th, 7-9pm: Webinar 2 – Building a more resilient and joyful you (Understanding shame and the arena)

Week beginning April 18th: 1hr coaching session (Timings to be arranged with yourself and your coach from The Bravest Path)

Wednesday May 2nd, 7-9pm: Webinar 3 – Overcoming perfectionism & practising self-compassion

Week beginning May 7th: 1hr coaching session (Timings to be arranged with yourself and your coach from The Bravest Path)

Wednesday June 6th, 7-9pm: Webinar 4 – Daring Greatly & Living BIG (Identities & Triggers + Generous assumptions)

Week beginning June 18th: Final 1hr coaching session (Timings to be arranged with yourself and your coach from The Bravest Path)

July 2018: Final community celebration – COURAGE Speakeasy, An opportunity for the group to share their brave efforts, getting them to practice being vulnerable, using the storytelling skills they have learnt and sharing their lessons learnt with the community


Is this programme for me?

There are three main prerequisites you should fulfil in order to be eligible for this programme. If your answer to the following three questions is “yes”, then this programme is for you!

  • Are you over 18?
  • Are you currently working in a Technological environment whether as a coder, creator, maker, innovator, are running a start-up business, digital marketeer, have a business idea in a tech environment, work in tech in media, fashion, music, finance, healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or any another area of Tech, then this is for you.
  • Can you commit time to this project? You will need to attend every online seminar, commit to coaching and be able to blog and be involved in the programme. If you have holidays booked on these days then the programme is not for you this time. Please check the itinerary above before committing.

How much does it cost?

This coaching programme usually costs in excess of £1,295 per person, but we’ll only be charging £150. This charge goes someway to covering costs of giving you this programme. It is FREE to apply and we will only ask you for payment if you are successful.

How do I apply?

We welcome applications in any format. That means not only written CV’s, but also drawings, diagrams and graphics, videos and animations. We want to know something about you, why you would like to do this course, how you might benefit and what plans you have for the future. You may not know all this information but have a think. We love creative applications.


  • Applications are now closed. We will let you know if you have been successful by 10th March. If you are successful, we will send joining instructions and instructions on how to pay £150 for the programme

About The Bravest Path

Our mission at The Bravest Path is to re-humanise the workplace. We work with individuals, teams, and organisations to develop courage, compassion and connection through psycho-educational workshops and coaching. The Bravest Path are licensed facilitators of Brené Brown’s research.
Want to know more about Dr Brené Brown? Watch her TED talk about ‘The power of vulnerability‘.

About Bethan Davies, course leader

Bethan has over 10 years’ experience within the Finance and Hi-tech sectors, working for Autodesk, Prudential and Munich Re in regional and global leadership positions. Her most recent role involved leading Talent, Learning & Development across Europe & Africa with a focus on building a more inclusive, authentic, brave and collaborative culture. She co-founded the Bravest Path to bring a different approach to developing individuals and organisational cultures, making workplaces more human and humane. As a transformational coach Bethan focuses on helping women be bolder, self- compassionate and authentic, and regularly partners with boards and senior teams designing and facilitating programs to deliver sustainable behavioural and cultural change.

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About DevelopHer

DevelopHer are a non-profit community dedicated to bringing women in technology together to create both opportunities and a network of support through events, workshops, and learning. We aim to develop careers, to develop confidence and develop change.

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DevelopHer are committed to inclusivity and diversity amongst our community members. We define diversity as people of different backgrounds, races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, beliefs, religions, socio-economic statuses, and more, and inclusivity as an approach where we respect, welcome, encourage, and engage diverse perspectives.

2018 Results

Read the 2018 results of the coaching programme here