Job Ads

Get a newsletter advertising slot for a programme, event, or job opportunity

  • 90 words
  • 1 x additional web link (e.g. to ‘apply here’)
  • 1 x logo
  • Only 2 x slots are available per newsletter to maintain the quality of the communication.
  • From £150 per slot.
  • Newsletters are monthly – the next newsletter eligible for this will be in around 3-4 weeks.

If you are advertising a job, we suggest that you mention in the newsletter:

  • What the role is
  • Who the company is
  • Expected pay for the role
  • Who / where to contact for further information

In your link, we then suggest the following is covered:

  • Main responsibilities of the role
  • Experience and skills required
  • More about the company and culture
  • Any benefits

Please be aware that we do not accept advertising for unpaid internships and all advertising should comply with the government standards as noted here.


If you are interested in advertising with us via the newsletter then please fill out the contact form below.





  • Why do we charge for this? Two reasons: one is to ensure that employers are serious about what they advertise. Sadly, we often get people seemingly looking to spam our community for the sake of ‘contacting’ women rather than a meaningful attempt to hire. The second reason is that DevelopHer uses these funds to cover basic costs so we can still offer opportunities and events to our community at a low price.
  • How many people will see it? We have over 4,800 people on our mailing list. This is c.90% female and all have a strong interest in technology or are working within it. This list has been organically grown over many years and averages a c.50% open rate.
  • How many people will apply? We hope that many of our community will apply but cannot guarantee as it does depend on what role you are offering!