Mashable – 2016

In their article ‘Meet 7 of London’s standout female tech stars‘, Mashable interviews DevelopHer’s MD Emily Atkinson.

Software engineer Emily Atkinson is currently sharing her wealth of technical knowledge with the female world as both managing director at DevelopHer (formerly Girls In Tech) and as a software engineer at MOO. DevelopHer is an initiative run entirely by volunteers that aims to provide support, education and empowerment to aspiring women in the tech space.

How has the tech space changed and diversified in London?

My experience in the tech community has been incredibly positive and in the last five years in London it feels increasingly welcoming and supportive. There are a wealth of events and programmes out there trying to support a diverse tech ecosystem. When we started Girls in Tech UK (now DevelopHer) four years ago the aim was to build up a friendly, supportive network, to highlight women doing brilliant things and to encourage everyone to pursue their goals without gender being a concerning factor. That’s still our aim, but we now also look to keep that diversity flourishing by supporting women through mentoring and learning event