Time to celebrate with The Drum’s 50 Women under 30 list

At DevelopHer, we’ve been popping the bubbly as 2017 brings some wonderful news to the DevelopHer team and community. This year, The Drum announced a list of the 50 women trailblazing through the digital industry before reaching the age of 30. With the results recently released, we’re so proud to see not one, not two, but three of the DevelopHer team had made the list this year! Not only that, but a member of our mentoring alumni also made the list too!

We wanted to congratulate every single woman who applied and got nominated. It’s encouraging to see the level of female talent that are making their marks in the tech and digital world, and also the hard work our team and community have done so far. We’d thought we’d share highlights of what inspires the nominated DevelopHer list.

Well done ladies, and we only hope more of our community make the list next year!


Laura Chung, DevelopHer Board
Regional Product Marketing Manager for International markets at comScore

  • What one piece of advice would you offer someone entering marketing today?
    Curiosity is a great starting point for any career progression, so I would advise someone starting out to never be afraid to push themself to learn more and to ask questions. Marketing in some aspects requires mastering the art of multi-tasking. If you are on top of everything, it gives you enough time to find the challenges that really excite you”

Ella Roche, DevelopHer Board
PR and Outreach Manager at The Honey Partnership

  • Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
    I see myself as managing director of the Honey Partnership US. We’re a fast growth business and I’ve been running Chinese and US accounts since I joined. I have a supportive management team and excellent mentoring.”

Eniko Tarkany-Szucs, DevelopHer Board
Senior Partner Manager, EMEA at Sprinklr

  • Do you believe diversity in the industry is changing for the better?
    I think there is a push for change and there are a lot of great organisations out there. Generally, I think there needs to be more women in leadership positions and/or male dominated fields who are prepared to mentor and serve as role models to other women.”

Lauren Ingram, DevelopHer Mentoring Alumni
Marketing Manager at 360i

  • What is your biggest career achievement to date?
    Moving to Berlin. I didn’t have a job offer, I just knew I wanted to work in the bustling tech scene there. So I bought a plane ticket and I sent a tweet to a chief executive of a startup I wanted to work for and went for it.”

Read more about our awesome DevelopHer team here and how you can get involved with DevelopHer.

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