We are thrilled to announce that DevelopHer, will be hosting a Summer Speed Mentoring event on the 3rd July 2019. To encourage more women to reach the top, we truly believe in the power of mentoring and how providing a step up is vital in achieving your career goals. 

As part of our DevelopHer’s values, we want to provide our community accessibility to the tools they need to progress their careers, so we are excited to provide an opportunity for our community members to find and speak to mentors in their industry, create relationships with these mentors and gain on the spot advice and tips.


The speed mentoring will welcome 60 people from the DevelopHer network. This will include 30-40 members (of all ages) of the community who want on-the-spot mentoring. On the night there will be 20-30 DevelopHer mentors to speak too (including senior figures in UK tech & women leaders). 

The whole event will take 2-3 hours, with the opportunity to network and meet up to 5-7 different mentors on the night. Please see the agenda of the event below.

We have a limited number of spaces available and a short application window so please apply for a spot by 6pm BST 12th June 2019

To apply for the speed mentoring opportunity pleasefill out the application form here. 

The mentoring session will cost £10. Once you’re application has been successful and confirmed – we will share an eventbrite link for you to purchase your ticket. Without the ticket purchase you will not be allowed in the event. 


  • 6.00pm – Welcome drinks
  • 6.30pm – Introductions & Keynote Speaker
  • 6.45 – 7.45pm – Up to Four 15 minute mentoring sessions
  • 7:45 –  8.00pm – Refreshments & break
  • 8:00 – 8:45pm –  Up to Three 15 minute mentoring sessions
  • 8:45pm – 9:30pm – Networking & Drinks

Venue: Syzygy HQ Rooftop, Holborn

Please note, not all mentors will meet with all mentees in this time frame. Based on the agenda every mentee will have a 10 minute break whilst we ensure there is a rotation of mentors during the session. Mentees will also have the opportunity to network with each other and enjoy the refreshments. 

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a support system where one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers.  The power of mentoring is more than ‘giving advice’, it’s about motivating and empowering the other person to identify their own issues and goals and help them to find ways of resolving or reaching them. As part mentoring, it includes respecting the different ways of working.
British Mentoring tends to include 3 key elements: career development, sharing knowledge and helping to improve performance. 

What is Speed Mentoring?
Speed mentoring is a series of short, focused conversations about specific questions. You will meet with a limited number of mentors in 15‐minute time slots each.  At the start and end of each Speed Mentoring round, a bell will ring. Mentees will then move on to the next mentor, and will be giving two minutes to switch and prepare for the next round. Not all mentors will meet with all mentees.

How do I apply?:
Please submit your application via the application form here.
You will need to include the following details below:

  • Full Name
  • Age (Over 18)
  • Profession or Current Role
  • 100 words (max) on why you would like to join us for the day and what you hope to gain from being mentored.
  • 1 example area you need help mentoring on (e.g. confidence, example of work situation, example of personal situation)
  • Email address (for DevelopHer to contact if your place is confirmed)

The application process is needed, as places are strictly limited and while we hope to be able to run future opportunities we are unable to accommodate the entire community in this instance.

The event will cost £10 for the evening. Once you place has been confirmed, you’ll need to purchase your ticket on the eventbrite page via the email.

Have questions? Read our FAQs here or contact us at

Written by Laura Chung – Co-Founder of DevelopHer

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