Five reasons to learn how to code

This guest blog is written by Designli

Whether it’s for a career or a hobby, coding puts you ahead of the game. Regardless that women still only make up a very small percentage of software developers in the industry – the ability to code can bring an overwhelming amount of options and opportunities for your career; some of the biggest names in technology started as coders.  So, if that’s not enough to get you started, here are our top 5 reasons to learn to code:


  1. Build a long-lasting career

Whether you’re looking for a new career or want to choose the right course to study, rest assured that coding is a long-term venture that won’t go away any time soon. Economy recessions can hit many careers, but coding is always in demand. Whether this be in a corporate or start up environment, developers are considerably sought-after, with many coders also make a living via freelancing software projects – so there’s always flexibility in your career.


  1. Improve your problem solving skills

Whatever field you’re in, problem solving is a valuable skill. As coding has a lot of logic embedded in its design – learning to code can improve your ability to solve problems. You see this in the best coders, who are forward thinkers: they see a need for a solution and they fill the gap. In many ways, code brings out people’s creativity, giving you the ability to think ahead and identify ways to help users work with your solutions.


  1. Build your own ideas

Many would-be entrepreneurs have some great ideas of their own, but hiring a developer can be expensive. However, you’ve got the know-how, you can cut many of the costs by doing it yourself. Whilst you’ll probably need help later down the road for maintenance and additions, it’s a great start to the learning curve of coding, whilst gaining responsibility by leading your own development. As your work progresses, outside help may be inevitable but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your code come to life.


  1. Understand technology

Whatever types of app you code, you’ll be forced to learn (and embrace) technology. By focusing on programming for the technology you actually enjoy, it’ll make it personally and professionally rewarding!

For example, if you like smartphones and tablets, you can program apps specifically for these devices. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in web technology, stick with creating desktop apps. You can even write low-level code in C++ that controls robotics and microprocessors. The beauty of coding is in the variety of options is offers, allowing you to choose an area of passion for your expertise.


  1. Learn the language of today – and the future

Finally, code is not only the language of today –  but the language of tomorrow as well. Being able to code opens new doors and experiences. Traditionally, you had to enter certain fields to change the world, but coders can make changes in everyday lives with the right code. If you take the problem-solving skills you learn to define a new solution –  then the combination of the right idea implemented with your own code, this has the power to change the way people do business or interact with others.

As a result, the digital language of coding can be fundamental to success.


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DevelopHer: Join our journey and values


Our story so far

We are ever so proud of what we have achieved over the years and we appreciate the hard work and collaboration from our valued community. During this time, we’ve built an engaging community of over 10,000+, supported and ran an impressive number of events ranging from conferences, panels, networking sessions, coaching workshops and coding weekends.

A big highlight for us includes bringing 40 women together to meet the inspiring fifty female role models at 10 Downing Street,  which kicked off our amazing annual mentoring programme for 6 months.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Our new journey

At DevelopHer, we exist to elevate women in technology. We are a non-profit community dedicated to bringing women together to drive opportunities, develop confidence and create a network of support through events, networking and learning.

The DevelopHer team are a group of dedicated women who volunteer in their spare time to bring genders together to support those in their professional, personal and political opportunities. We strongly believe that we work best when we work together.

Our aims


  • Develop Careers: We aim to support those aiming to build and progress their careers in technology, digital and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop Confidence: We strive to proactively develop the skills, self-belief and discovery of learning in our community via monthly events, annual mentoring programmes, regular workshops and inspirational advice.
  • Develop Change: We want to create an open and friendly community regardless of gender; to bring together and grow the common goal of diversity and female communities across countries and disciplines; putting into practice how we can help and influence each other.

We thrive on the spirit of change, fun and encouragement in all that we do.


We truly believe that together we are better

As part of our commitment, we aim to to work with other diversity and tech groups with similar values. As we continue to work with Geek Girl Meetup, Blooming Founders, Women Who Code, SyncDevelopHER, WOWtalks and StartHer  our journey begins with collaboration being at the heart of what we do, in order to provide you the opportunities you need.

Make sure you join us in our journey and launch party by getting involved in our community or contact .

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at DevelopHer over the past few weeks. We are building a new website, planning our launch party, autumn events, and continuing to build on our partnerships with some awesome UK and European initiatives.

We are committed to elevating women in technology and to pursue our mission of supporting women in professional, personal and political opportunities we’d like to expand our network. As firm fans of collaboration within the community we’ve grown great relationships with a number of organisations including Geek Girl Meetup, Blooming Founders, and Women Who Code and want to continue to seek out and partner with other organisations with similar values.

If you know of any other groups, initiatives or organisations you think we should get to know or events we should share, please put us in touch via .

One of our newest partnerships is with SyncDevelopHER, an East Anglian initiative committed to promoting gender equality in technology. The awesome organisation is behind the DevelopHER Awards; showcasing the East Anglian technology industry’s leading female talent. The next Awards are in Ipswich on 30th November 2016 and tickets are available now . We’re excited to be working together with them and hope to partner on bringing their East Anglian based event to London in the near future.

Coming up we invite you to join us on 20th September at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society as we collaborate with WOW Talks bringing our mentoring experience to  WOW Talks:Women In Tech. Please use code developherwow2016 for £10 off.

As ever, to stay in the know for all things DevelopHer including our launch party please keep an eye on twitter and subscribe to our mailing list HERE.

Team DevelopHer

Welcome to DevelopHER

To our wonderful members,

We are extremely excited to announce that we’ll be launching under the new name DevelopHER, and will be partnering closely with StartHER in Paris as well as a number of other organisations supporting women in technology worldwide.

Thank you for bearing with us while we’ve taken the time to get our new community initiative right. We are as committed as we’ve ever been to elevating women in technology and will pursue our mission of giving women the same professional, personal and political opportunities as men.

We will be transparent about our plans for the future, finances, and team.

We are committed to you, and will always do what is best for you and our wider community.

We will welcome everyone – inclusive of all genders, experiences, and backgrounds. We are best when we work together.

DevelopHER events and programmes will start running in September and in the meantime please do reach out to us with any questions you might have.

Here’s to an incredibly bright future, we can’t wait to see you all again soon,

Team DevelopHER


Contact us:  Twitter , Facebook , Email

An announcement from the UK team

In response to the statement on the Girls in Tech London Facebook page, we are disappointed by the way in which Girls in Tech Global has chosen to separate from the UK team. Following discussions on growth, goals and the new GIT Global revenue model, we are no longer affiliated with Girls in Tech Global.

We are incredibly proud of all that’s been achieved over the past four years and appreciate the hard work, support and collaboration with our valued community that made it possible.

During this time, we have built up a passionate community of over 10,000+, supported and run a plethora of events ranging from conferences, panels and networking sessions, to skills, CV, and coaching workshops.

Highlights include bringing 40 women together to meet prominent female role models at 10 Downing Street, collaborating with other female and tech networks, a weekend workshop teaching 100 women to code, as well as the amazing success and results of our mentoring programme.

However, the journey isn’t over for this team. We continue to uphold our belief in supporting females and diversity in technology, business, entrepreneurship and innovation.

We will be putting on more events, programmes and workshops, as part of a new, exciting and fully-inclusive initiative.

Look out for the launch in the coming weeks. We will be celebrating with a launch party and look forward to welcoming you there!

Speak soon,

Emily, Lora, Josephine, Sally, Maya, Louise, Phoebe, Ella, Alessia, Laura, and the Associate team

Soz Moss: DevelopHer Mentoring Programme


Soz Moss

About the author: Soz is a graduate of the DevelopHer mentoring scheme. Her interests lie in people and politics, and is taking her digital marketing background out to Ethiopia for the next year. 





On a miserable Monday, working late in the office the inevitable, millennial questioning kicked in.


Workwise everything was going ok. I’d been in a start-up creative consultancy for two years. We were growing, as were my responsibilities. I really liked the team and the work, but something didn’t feel right. I longed to do something different, to shake things up, experience a new way of living, challenge myself.

I realised I needed some help. Cue search terms ‘mentoring scheme London’. A quick browse led me to the DevelopHer mentoring programme. And the rest they say is history.

Within two sessions, I’d quit my job. Motivated to follow my genuine interests, I went through an extended interview process for a role I was told I would never get. Then I got it. Now I am off to Ethiopia for a year. A new challenge for sure.

Over the course of 6 months, the DevelopHer mentoring scheme has helped me in ways I never imagined. It’s worth saying that I’m really not one of those super organized people who think ahead when it comes to their careers. I’d never been to a DevelopHer event before, in fact, thinking about it, I’d never been to any career specific event before.

I’ve transformed into a real advocate for mentoring and self-development programmes. Listening to the advice of those who have been there, done that, got the t-shirt puts everything into perspective. Mentors are totally objective – they’re not motivated by any need to tell you what you want to hear. In fact, as I experienced, they are more likely to tell you what you don’t want to hear. There is nothing more motivating.

I now look at my career through an entirely different lens; I’m getting better at working out what I want, then getting out there to find it. I’ve learnt to never settle for less – our most recent mentoring session focused on negotiation, the next day I walked away from a job offer because it wasn’t on my terms. Two days later, I got the salary I wanted.

More than anything else, the mentoring programme has highlighted the power of sharing experiences. Every session, the mentees share a quick one-minute update around a theme. There is so much change amongst us between sessions; it’s phenomenal to recognize the speed of our growth. Between meetings our WhatsApp group is inundated with success stories – coverage in national papers one day, salary increases the next. It inspires the entire group. The energy is self-perpetuating.

And then there is the power of mentors sharing their experiences. This varied and dynamic team share how they handle a range of work things – pay, leadership, getting stuff done. Sometimes they tell us off for self-doubting, other times they just tell us we’re great. They’re total gurus and we’re all so grateful.

I’m not sure how we can repay everyone involved. Telling others that they have to apply for the next programme might help. Continuing to support each other will happen inevitably I’m sure. How about settling for rocking the industry? When it happens I can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories. No doubt it will continue to spur us and other girls on.

DevelopHer Mentoring Programme Results

The first DevelopHer Mentoring Programme has achieved its goal of providing women with tailored mentorship from key figures in the technology industry to help progress their careers.

Over the course of the programme 60% of the mentees saw a great improvement in their negotiation skills which led to half of them achieving a promotion and half of the others started their own business, initiative within their company or simply started a new course to grow more skills. The programme consisted of expert panels on a variety of topics including negotiation, presentation and leadership skills, alongside speed mentoring sessions.

By providing their time and expert insight, the mentors from leading technology companies such as Google, Unruly, Lloyds Bank and Cult LDN, supported our aims to help raise the visibility of women in technology.

Key stats from the programme include:

  • Following a key session from Amplify coach Stewart Bewley, 91% of the mentees report their presentations skills have greatly improved
  • With networking opportunities at each mentoring session, 70% of the mentees are now totally at ease with networking
  • As a large proportion of the mentees have made significant changes to their careers since the start of the programme, 80% state they would not have achieved what they have without the mentoring programme

The first DevelopHer Mentoring Programme was a great success which the team hopes to emulate for years to come. It would not have been possible without the help and support from the mentors and of course the sponsors Not on the High Street and La Fosse Associates.

Those results were announced officially at a private graduation party hosted at Decoded on the 9th of March, where each of the mentees on the programme presented their own personal journey to Baroness Joanna Shields, our ambassador for this first programme.

Girls in Tech Mentoring_Joanna Shields (1)

Credits: Alessia D’Urso for Girls in Tech UK Mentoring programme

“The digital world is incredible, but it’s our bonds with others that makes us human. Top women championing future leaders, taking on the mantle of role model, mentor and friend makes all the difference.

The fast growing tech industry is well placed to lead the way and encourage more women to reach the top. Mentoring young women is a vital effort in achieving this goal. It’s my privilege to support Girls In Tech [now DevelopHer].”

Baroness Joanna Shields, Minister for Internet Safety and Security, UK Government