Meet the mentors

This summer on the 3rd July we will be hosting a Summer Speed Mentoring event at SYZYGY.

We’re excited to provide an opportunity for our community members to find and speak to mentors in their industry, create relationships with these mentors and gain on the spot advice and tips during the night. On the night, our mentees will have a chance to have up to 5-7 different speed mentoring sessions with 25 of our fantastic mentors.

Below we’re sharing a quick biography of who are mentors are. Thank you to all our mentors for giving up their time to help our community.

Meet our 2019 DevelopHer Speed Mentoring Mentors

Tamsin Todd, CEO of Find My Past


Tamsin is CEO of Findmypast and has worked in digital roles and growth businesses for 20 years. She spent the early part of her career at Amazon and then Microsoft, where she led the introduction of ecommerce and search products into UK and Europe. This was followed by stints as Head of Ecommerce at Betfair, Managing Director of TUI-owned Crystal Ski Holidays, and Chief Customer Officer at Addison Lee. She has held several senior volunteer leadership positions for Princeton University, is a trustee of the Imperial War Museums, and she founded the Fulham chapter of TEDxWomen.

Mentoring areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Situational Mentoring, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Stakeholder management

Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Founder of Ness Labs


Anne-Laure Le Cunff is an ex-Googler turned entrepreneur. She is the founder of Ness Labs, a venture studio with a focus on wellness, creativity and culture. Her work has been featured in WIRED, Forbes, and more.

Mentoring areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Risk-Taking, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Entrepreneurship

Ita Murphy, CEO of Syzygy

Ita has worked in the advertising industry for over 30 years . She has a 360 view of the industry having worked for media owners, agencies and client side. After 12 years at Mindshare (7 of which as MD), Ita became a professional coach. She joined SYZYGY in October 2018 as CEO. Ita is committed to creating a family friendly, thriving agency.

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Stakeholder management, Negotiation, Managing Oneself, Positive Thinking, Manifesting

Monica Hu, Manager Digital Consulting


Monica is a management consultant with a passion for championing customer-centred approach for business strategy and transformation in digital. She has deep subject matter expertise in the application of social media across all business touchpoints. She has been on a number of successful multi-region digital marketing transformation programmes across a range of industries and clients, including setting up a social customer care pilot programme and rolling out a market leading technology platform. She is published in the Journal of Information Systems on the impact of social media on firm performance. She was recently invited to present at the 2017 Digital Age Summit on the subject of messenger economy and the implication for businesses.

Mentoring areas: Leadership & Managing People, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Stakeholder management, management consulting and strategy

Ava Miller, Managing Director @ Drumbeat Limited

Ava has been in the tech industry for a number of years, first within tech/intellectual property law in London and Silicon Valley at eBay, Sky, Wikipedia and LinkedIn. Ava then made a career transition to tech executive search where she advises leading tech companies such as Facebook, Apple and VC backed startups on leadership hiring, recruiting for positions such as CEO, VP, COO, etc. Working in tech headhunting has provided illuminating insights on what it takes to be selected as a top performer and how to position oneself for success. Keen to share these insights, Ava now runs a careers consultancy with a particular emphasis on advancing women and ethnic minority candidates.

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Risk-Taking, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Entrepreneurship

Daniela Tzvetkova, Senior Product Manager @ Amazon AWS


Career spanning 20 years in technology – software engineer turned product manager. Currently working on an new ML service for AWS

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Situational Mentoring, Stakeholder management, Entrepreneurship

Nick Mills, Senior Marketing Director @ PayPal

A digital and marketing leader with strategic and operational experience of driving change in large, complex organisations. Brand Manager, Head of Digital, Senior Marketing Director positions with UK, European & Global scopes in Procter & Gamble, Samsung and currently PayPal. Can also juggle, love snow sports and tennis, have a lovely wife and 2 kids, and passionate about equality and equal opportunities in the workplace.

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Risk-Taking, Situational Mentoring, Stakeholder management, Entrepreneurship

Zoe Bayliss Wong, Director @ Depop


With almost a decade of e-Commerce & fashion retail experience, Zoe is a finance & operations specialist within high growth digital platforms. Zoe is currently a director at Depop, the cult Gen-Z ‘social shopping’ app popular with 13m+ global users – most under 25. During her time at Depop, the company has grown 500% and raised $90m+ in funding, landing her a place on the Forbes “30 under 30” list. In her spare time, Zoe is a lifestyle contributor for online publications and is currently writing a personal finance book for young people.

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Stakeholder management, Negotiation

Veronika Kopacikova, Managing Director UK @ Missbeez

Veronika worked in private equity, start-ups and small businesses for past 15 years. Fluent in Mandarin, she started in investment fund in China, and then founded and managed two companies in China and Singapore. She successfully exited e-commerce retailer in Singapore and moved to London, where she now runs on-demand beauty app Missbeez. She has Masters of Chinese and Finance, and during her studies, translated for Slovakian president at Beijing Olympics and worked as TV host on Chinese game show.

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Situational Mentoring, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Stakeholder management, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship

Cedric Chambaz, Head of Product Marketing and Strategy at Apple


Cedric enables businesses, from Blue Chip brands to independent developers, to define effective digital strategies that will increase their visibility, provide more targeted marketing and deliver higher ROI. He joined Apple in 2017 after contributing to grow Microsoft search advertising business into multi-billion dollar business in Europe over a decade. Having worked in Berlin, Montreal, Singapore, Paris and London, he is a regular speaker in international industry events, and a lecturer in Business Schools. Cedric is originally from France, but has been living in London for over 14 years with his family.

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Situational Mentoring, Goal Setting or Performance Progression

Rachelle Denton, Co-Founder of The Storm Collective & Senior Strategist


Rachelle has been in digital for 17 years, with a strategy focus for over 10. She is the Co-Founder of The Storm Collective, a group of flexible creative innovators who specialise in entertainment propositions. They have created a unique approach that leverages data and insight to power youth audience conversation. Rachelle works with the agencies and brands that are driving disruptive creative campaigns. She is an engaging, sought after speaker and chairperson, mentors young women in tech, and is a lead trainer for the BBC Academy. Rachelle’s infectious enthusiasm for driving transformation through innovative social and content strategy has been implemented with clients such as Warner Bros., Pottermore, Nando’s, Jimmy Choo, ASOS and 10 Downing Street. She has also been consulting with the amazing team in BBC Creative on Killing Eve and Fleabag, and was recently shortlisted for a Social and Influencer Cannes Lion for her work on Peaky Blinders

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Risk-Taking, Entrepreneurship

Gillian Bell, Director of Client Services at Syzygy

I constantly strive to do the best job I can and to support and nurture the teams that I lead or work alongside. I come from an entrepreneurial background and have grown up surrounded by a family were hard work ethic and doing something you are passionate about (i.e. for me its about working with people and unpacking their business challenges in the digital space) and what makes you happy is instrumental to driving motivation and engagement both personally and professionally. I’ve client and agency side in Dublin, NY, the Caribbean, and London and so I’ve learned to work in different environments and graft hard. My roles have started as marketing exec, to working in the world of Irish PR and then media in NY, on the client side for St Kitts and St Lucia and then more senior client facing digital roles in London working on changing clients such as UPS, Aviva, PayPal, Avis Budget Group. I love to tackle problems, bringing people together and co-creating to find a solution to something that seems insurmountable. But most of all what I find really rewarding is seeing others strive to be the best they can be and then clients recognising their great work and hoping that I have played some small role in that.

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Risk-Taking, Situational Mentoring, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Stakeholder management, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving

Kathryn Buchan, Senior Strategist, Executive Marketing


My wide array of technology management skills are essential to a company’s future success in reaching revenue goals by interpreting business needs and driving operational digitalisation. My proven track record shows that I am creative and collaborative with an innate attention for detail. My work has been marked as a model for transformational success through my service as a high impact evangelist and change leader with an innovative mindset. I am known for providing a consistent, reliable and high-end user experience by development of a visionary platform strategy and robust implementation plans. My leadership style is driven by my passion to build empowered teams that deliver solutions for key stakeholder needs across business levels, consistent management of user expectations and strict focus on delivery commitments and business impact.

Mentoring areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Stakeholder management, International Experience

Emily Atkinson, Software Engineer at Conde Nast & Managing Director of DevelopHer


Emily is a software engineer at Conde Nast Britain and Managing Director of DevelopHer. Previously Emily worked as software engineer at the renowned online printing and design company, Coming into coding from a non-traditional path, Emily is passionate about encouraging others to learn more, regardless of experience. She was involved in the UK drive for Hour of Code, is interested in the crossover with tech and education, and regularly gives talks for events and workshops.

Mentoring areas: Technical Skills, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Negotiation, Leadership skills, Career Progression

Michelle Yeadon, Chief Strategy Officer at Byte London


I lead strategy for Byte, named by the Financial Times as the 33rd fastest growing company in Europe and by LinkedIn as one of the top 25 startups in the UK. We’re a marketing technology agency working with some of the world’s biggest brands: Spotify, ASOS, Nike, Just Eat, Google and Facebook. I’ve worked in analytics and planning for 10 years, ensuring that strategic solutions for clients help them to innovate while delivering tangible ROI. My career has been fuelled by chasing the more difficult challenges and finding ways to solve them. Every process starts with observing, listening and gathering information. At some point, I’m asking myself “What’s the most difficult thing about this?” and “Why is it so difficult?”. I’m imagining the ideal solution and working backwards to determine how to get there. It isn’t about solving the problem with the tools I’ve got – it’s about creating the tools I need to achieve the best solution I can imagine. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about how to improve and how to progress. Like most people, I’ve faced self doubt, negative feedback, making mistakes, imposter syndrome, fatigue and fear. And I still experience it today. I’ve built up my suite of tried and tested methods to get me through it, build my resilience and find the way forward.

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Risk-Taking, Goal Setting or Performance Progression

Flora Coleman, Head of Government Relations at Transferwise


Flora Coleman has been at TransferWise as their global Head of Government Relations for over three years. This follows a decade of senior political advisory work, including nearly three years as a Special Adviser to the Leader and Chief Whip in the House of Lords. She played a key role in delivering the Cross-Border payments regulation, pushing for global transparency and to secure a law in the EU which means that from Q1 2020 the 500 million people in the EU will know what it costs to make an international payment. This law will lead to an addition €4bn in the European economy from day one. Flora advises start ups on political relations and is on the Steering Board of Coadec – the policy voice of start ups. In her spare time she is the National Deputy Chair of the Tory Reform Group – an independent group which brings together members and friends of the Conservative Party to promote the values of One Nation Conservatism. She believes we can only improve if we make our workforce more diverse. She’s working to deliver greater inclusion in politics, business, and technology through her involvement with Coadec, the TRG, Women2Win, TechHub, Women in Public Affairs and DevelopHer. n 2019 she was nominated as the fourth most inspirational woman in UK public affairs, and one of the top five standout female policy makers and regulatory experts in fintech.

Mentoring Areas: Leadership & Managing People, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Stakeholder management, Negotiation

Devika Wood, Co-founded Vida, Healthcare

Devika worked in digital health for 5 years, before co-founding Vida in May 2016. Devika started her career at Google at 18, followed by becoming a cancer research scientist at Imperial and achieving a master in public health from Imperial University. Devika has worked on the development of two award-winning health tech start-up in the UK – Babylon and Medefer, which gave her the skills to co-found Vida. Her passion to innovate and disrupt in the care industry, came from being a young carer for her grandmother for 12 years, which has seen her win industry recognised awards for Vida, and be featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018, for healthcare and science. Devika was recognised as a “health tech pioneer” in Europe for 2018, an “inspirational woman” by Glamour magazine and made the front cover of courier magazine as a start-up to watch in 2018. The Business Insider recognised Devika as one of the “29 coolest female founders” in the UK. In 2019, Devika was chosen as a representative of the United Nation’s #sheinnovates campaign, that is pushing boundaries to break stereotypes in STEM globally and most recently has been awarded the “Entrepreneur of the year” by King’s College London.

Mentoring areas: Leadership & Managing People, Risk-Taking, Situational Mentoring, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Stakeholder management, Entrepreneurship

Helen Trim, VP Marketing EMEA & APAC for Coupa Software


I am the VP of Marketing for Coupa Software, a Silicon Valley-based software company in the Business Spend Management space. Over my 25-year career I have developed strong entrepreneurial roots from co-founding and exiting from a number of digital and social media agencies. More recently I have held more intrepreneurial leadership roles in disruptive mid-size and public US tech businesses. I have a track record of developing high performing, diverse teams and thrive on seeing individuals develop and flourish, whatever their starting point. As well as supporting people to hone the skills needed for a successful career, I also believe in helping people to build resilience, leave room for creativity and take care of their physical and mental well-being. At Coupa, we don’t just accept difference, we celebrate it and we support it for the benefit of our employees, our products and the global Coupa community. I am a founder of the ‘Empower’ program, increasing our diversity and connecting women both internally at Coupa and externally across our entire industry.

Mentoring areas: Leadership & Managing People, Changing Careers, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Risk-Taking, Situational Mentoring, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Stakeholder management, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship, Diversity and Inclusion

Laura Colin, Co-Founder of The Storm Collective

@thestormpeeps & @LauraEColin

Laura has been driving innovative business change within the entertainment industry for over 14 years. She has boosted the BBC, Sony Playstation, Channel 4, and RockStar Games, creating multi-award winning campaigns for major titles and products. Laura’s passion is rooted in her belief that success happens when big ideas are combined with thoughtful strategy.

Mentoring areas: Changing Careers, Risk-Taking, Stakeholder management, Entrepreneurship

Josh Michielsen, Senior Software Engineer at Condé Nast International


Josh Michielsen is a senior software engineer, hobbyist data scientist, photographer, cyclist, and doge owner living in Cambridge, UK. He specialises in container orchestration, software development, continuous delivery, and cloud operations. He currently works as a Senior Engineer for the Cloud Platform team at Condé Nast International, where he helps to drive the vision of a truly global platform to house the worlds largest online publications, including Vogue, GQ, Wired, and Vanity Fair!

Mentoring areas: Time Management & Work Life Balance, Technical Skills, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Negotiation, Career Progression, Relocation

Natascha Leanage, Head of Data Management & Delivery at Barclays

A senior data professional with extensive experience in a range of roles across a variety of industries. Natascha has a strong technical background and a particular interest in developing people/teams and maximising their capabilities within organisations. Her main focus has been on standardisation and rationalisation, driving efficiency to deliver robust and reliable data.

Mentoring areas: Leadership, Team-Building, Standardisation, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Goal Setting or Performance Progression

LindaCelicia Murphy-Ericsson, Operations lead: global marketing for SYZYGY Group

My current role is one that I have carved out myself. I didn’t replace anyone but thought I could see a need and now I’m here, focusing on collaborative work, marketing and other fun stuff , for our group, and our hubs around the group. I started my digital life as a producer, then went into client services, and then I became a hybrid of the two. This was followed by a really bad experience with an agency and didn’t want to work agency side anymore so I took a break for a bit. And then I started from scratch again but perhaps with more experience and a little bit of a clearer vision of where I wanted to go and a determination to learn as much as possible in order to get there. And now I’m working at SYZYGY, and I am really enjoying my role and the opportunities it creates in terms of working with some really great and talented people.

Mentoring areas: Changing Careers, Situational Mentoring, Goal Setting or Performance Progression, Creative

Della Emmett, IT Desktop Manager

I have been working in IT for over 20yrs in the financial sector. I have over 6500 users at our UK site but predominantly support trade floor, senior exec and board level staff. I also project lead many global projects and manage a team of 16. I fell into IT as I loved the support side and helped people with office queries. My boss could see my passion and supported me moving into a IT Support role in a stockbrokers company. I still liked to be challenged technically but by no means a techy nerd. I have been helping in mentors programmes throughout my career and I to have had invaluable help from mentors in my career.

Mentoring areas: Leadership & Managing People, Risk-Taking, Technical Skills, Negotiation

Dave Page, CEO and Co-Founder of Actual Experience plc.

Currently CEO and Co-Founder at Actual Experience plc.

As a teenager in London I dreamed of inventing a product that solved a great big problem. I left school aged 15 with a motley collection of exam results and started an apprenticeship at Marconi. Four years later, Marconi sponsored me through an engineering degree at a good university. I ended up in the technology team at NatWest in the early 90’s. After a few years I jumped ship to BT to help them understand the internet and the banking industry. Soon I moved to IBM, and in the late 90’s, Cisco Systems. It was whilst I was here that the internet really took off, and Cisco was at the center of it. These years were a blaze of innovation and growth, which was abruptly halted when the internet bubble burst in 2000. I joined the founder of my first startup in 2001 as employee number one. Finance was hard to come by, but we attracted just enough venture capital funding and built a business over eight years, which was sold to EDS, a large US organisation in 2008. That was ten years ago. We floated on LSE five years ago, are expanding globally, and we are solving a great big problem.

Mentoring areas: Leadership & Managing People, Time Management & Work Life Balance, Risk-Taking, Entrepreneurship, Venture capital, IPO, LSE, AIM, business plans, strategy, productisation, team building

Sarah Rench, Advanced Analytics, Robotics and AI – Senior Leader at EY & DevelopHer Board Member

Sarah is in EY’s Data and Analytics team and currently leads global teams to design, implement & deliver AI assets ranging from data quality machine learning systems to intelligent automation (using RPA/ NLP/ OCR/ Deep Learning). Sarah also supports the implementation of data governance, management & operational strategies, as well as carrying out AI Due Diligence for large financial institutions. Sarah is currently on the advisory board for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Artificial intelligence. Sarah has worked in the IT sector for a number of years in various roles, from software engineering to management. Recently completing a part-time MIT Artificial Intelligence course. She has an Executive MBA from Cass Business School, focusing on AI & CSV. Previously she studied Anthropology & African Studies followed by a Masters in Computer Science at University of Birmingham. Sarah is also on the Board of a non-for-profit women in tech community, DevelopHer, and Executive Board member for Cass Global Women’s Leadership Programme which provides scholarships for women to do higher education. Facilitating events in diversity, inclusion & technology to enable driving collaboration & positive changes in our society.