Guardian – 2017

In The Guardian Careers’ article Why Female Mentors Matter in Tech, it was fantastic to see the DevelopHer mentoring scheme noted!

…Finding a mentor can be an invaluable career asset for women – especially in industries not renowned for their gender diversity, like technology. As well as boosting confidence, mentors can help open up networks, set and achieve goals, and generally give a sense that someone is looking out for you.

Traditionally this sort of relationship is fostered in the workplace, with senior employees mentoring juniors. More recently, a number of mentor-matching schemes for women in tech have launched in the UK, such as DevelopHer, Structur3d People and Freeformers. However, it’s still possible to find a mentor less formally, meeting people through networking events like Geek Girl Meetup, or simply messaging them on LinkedIn to ask if they would meet for a coffee…