Stop, Collaborate and Listen

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at DevelopHer over the past few weeks. We are building a new website, planning our launch party, autumn events, and continuing to build on our partnerships with some awesome UK and European initiatives.

We are committed to elevating women in technology and to pursue our mission of supporting women in professional, personal and political opportunities we’d like to expand our network. As firm fans of collaboration within the community we’ve grown great relationships with a number of organisations including Geek Girl Meetup, Blooming Founders, and Women Who Code and want to continue to seek out and partner with other organisations with similar values.

If you know of any other groups, initiatives or organisations you think we should get to know or events we should share, please put us in touch via .

One of our newest partnerships is with SyncDevelopHER, an East Anglian initiative committed to promoting gender equality in technology. The awesome organisation is behind the DevelopHER Awards; showcasing the East Anglian technology industry’s leading female talent. The next Awards are in Ipswich on 30th November 2016 and tickets are available now . We’re excited to be working together with them and hope to partner on bringing their East Anglian based event to London in the near future.

Coming up we invite you to join us on 20th September at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society as we collaborate with WOW Talks bringing our mentoring experience to  WOW Talks:Women In Tech. Please use code developherwow2016 for £10 off.

As ever, to stay in the know for all things DevelopHer including our launch party please keep an eye on twitter and subscribe to our mailing list HERE.

Team DevelopHer

DevelopHer Mentoring Programme Results

The first DevelopHer Mentoring Programme has achieved its goal of providing women with tailored mentorship from key figures in the technology industry to help progress their careers.

Over the course of the programme 60% of the mentees saw a great improvement in their negotiation skills which led to half of them achieving a promotion and half of the others started their own business, initiative within their company or simply started a new course to grow more skills. The programme consisted of expert panels on a variety of topics including negotiation, presentation and leadership skills, alongside speed mentoring sessions.

By providing their time and expert insight, the mentors from leading technology companies such as Google, Unruly, Lloyds Bank and Cult LDN, supported our aims to help raise the visibility of women in technology.

Key stats from the programme include:

  • Following a key session from Amplify coach Stewart Bewley, 91% of the mentees report their presentations skills have greatly improved
  • With networking opportunities at each mentoring session, 70% of the mentees are now totally at ease with networking
  • As a large proportion of the mentees have made significant changes to their careers since the start of the programme, 80% state they would not have achieved what they have without the mentoring programme

The first DevelopHer Mentoring Programme was a great success which the team hopes to emulate for years to come. It would not have been possible without the help and support from the mentors and of course the sponsors Not on the High Street and La Fosse Associates.

Those results were announced officially at a private graduation party hosted at Decoded on the 9th of March, where each of the mentees on the programme presented their own personal journey to Baroness Joanna Shields, our ambassador for this first programme.

Girls in Tech Mentoring_Joanna Shields (1)

Credits: Alessia D’Urso for Girls in Tech UK Mentoring programme

“The digital world is incredible, but it’s our bonds with others that makes us human. Top women championing future leaders, taking on the mantle of role model, mentor and friend makes all the difference.

The fast growing tech industry is well placed to lead the way and encourage more women to reach the top. Mentoring young women is a vital effort in achieving this goal. It’s my privilege to support Girls In Tech [now DevelopHer].”

Baroness Joanna Shields, Minister for Internet Safety and Security, UK Government

Girls in Tech London…this is just the beginning!

First of all, on behalf of the Girls in Tech London team, I’d like to thank everyone who turned up and helped to make our launch event on Friday such a success.

Photo: TechCrunch

We had some fabulous speakers and moderators, who shared their thoughts on everything from startup funding to security to how to network effectively at conferences. And of course, none of this would have been possible without our incredible sponsors and partners, including Google, Criteo, Eventbrite, London First and The Next Women.

Oh. And we’ll be posting more pictures shortly. 🙂

The 100 top women in tech in Europe.

For anyone who missed it, we also released our GIT EURO 100 list featuring some of the top women in tech in Europe. We received over 500 nominations from across Europe and would have loved to include everyone on the list. Clearly 100 just isn’t enough and we look forward to including more incredible women next year.


You can see this year’s selection, which was featured in TechCrunch, The Next Web and The Next Women – as well as publications from Israel (here and here), Italy, Greece, Russia and Turkey (here, here and here). If you’ve been selected and no publication from your country has published anything yet, be sure to let us know.

Some people have questioned why such a list is necessary. If you’re one of those people wondering why we even bother, be sure to check out Natasha Saxberg’s thoughts on why this list matters!

So…what’s next?

Now that our big launch event is over, you may be wondering what’s next! Well, we’ll be hosting regular events – evening panels/speakers and cocktails! – with more incredible women speakers.

If you’re interested in receiving information on our upcoming events, be sure to get on our mailing list. And if you want to get involved in organising, speaking or sponsoring future events with us, be sure to get in touch!

Girls in Tech London launch event: sign-ups now open.

So, without further delay we are pleased to announce the Girls in Tech London launch event on June 1st at Google Campus from 12pm-6pm. Our fabulous sponsors Google and Criteo have helped us line up some fabulous speakers. You can see some of the names here.

The GIT EURO 100: nominate the best women in tech in Europe.

For the occasion of our launch event, we’re also launching the first-ever list of the top 100 women in tech in Europe! If you know someone who should be recognised for their great contribution to entrepreneurship or the tech ecosystem, please feel free to nominate them!

Want to attend?

The event is FREE to attend and open to men and women alike. However, space is incredibly limited. Therefore, we ask that you introduce yourself if you’d like to attend and we’ll be in touch with an invite shortly.


For any additional questions on sponsoring, speaking or whathaveyou, please feel free to get in touch.

It’s official. Girls in Tech London is finally here.

That’s correct, it’s official. After months and months of talking about launching the group, we’ve finally lined up a fabulous team and are preparing for an amazing first event!

Meet the Girls in Tech London Team.

But before we get into the event details, I’d like to introduce myself, my co-founders for the London chapter and the organization itself.

Here’s are the 3 of us who are running the London Chapter of Girls in Tech. You can read more about us on the team page.

Girls in Tech, WTF?

For anyone who doesn’t know Girls in Tech, the group was started in 2007 in San Francisco by Adriana Gascoigne. Today there are chapters all over the world – in countries like France, Greece, Singapore, China, Taiwan, the US and more – and there are over 8,500 members across the globe.

Oh. Girl talk? Yuck.

The purpose of Girls in Tech is simply to promote the visibility of women in technology and entrepreneurship. We like to do this by hosting events where our speakers are primarily women. Impressive, tech women.

We don’t sit around complaining about why life is unfair for women, because it’s not! We’re not man haters or bra burners. We’re just girls who like tech and who want to encourage more women to join the fun. We hope that by sharing some of the insights of our best female examples, more women will be encouraged to participate in a sector that has traditionally been very masculine.

Now, if you’re wondering about the launch event, stay turned. We’ll be launching sign-ups shortly!