It’s official. Girls in Tech London is finally here.

That’s correct, it’s official. After months and months of talking about launching the group, we’ve finally lined up a fabulous team and are preparing for an amazing first event!

Meet the Girls in Tech London Team.

But before we get into the event details, I’d like to introduce myself, my co-founders for the London chapter and the organization itself.

Here’s are the 3 of us who are running the London Chapter of Girls in Tech. You can read more about us on the team page.

Girls in Tech, WTF?

For anyone who doesn’t know Girls in Tech, the group was started in 2007 in San Francisco by Adriana Gascoigne. Today there are chapters all over the world – in countries like France, Greece, Singapore, China, Taiwan, the US and more – and there are over 8,500 members across the globe.

Oh. Girl talk? Yuck.

The purpose of Girls in Tech is simply to promote the visibility of women in technology and entrepreneurship. We like to do this by hosting events where our speakers are primarily women. Impressive, tech women.

We don’t sit around complaining about why life is unfair for women, because it’s not! We’re not man haters or bra burners. We’re just girls who like tech and who want to encourage more women to join the fun. We hope that by sharing some of the insights of our best female examples, more women will be encouraged to participate in a sector that has traditionally been very masculine.

Now, if you’re wondering about the launch event, stay turned. We’ll be launching sign-ups shortly!

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