Make 2018 Your Bravest Year Yet!

-Written by Anna Abrell, Board Member of DevelopHer –

Interested in overcoming fears, challenges and making this year your bravest year yet?

Whether you’re looking at making that next career progression, or you’re keen to try something new – sometimes a bit of courage and support is what will help us over the finish line!

At DevelopHer, we excited to share with you our latest announcement in partnership with The Bravest Path. We’re are offering an exclusive 6-month coaching programme to challenge and support members of our community to be ‘your bravest self’ in 2018. The program will culminate in sharing your stories of courage to the DevelopHer community of where you have shown up, be seen and lived bravely in 2018.

We’ll select 12 applicants to experience the Daring Way TM development based on the ground-breaking research of Dr Brené Brown with 4 online development sessions and 4 one-to-one Skype coaching sessions. Through the programme, you can expect a journey that will help you come away with a greater understanding of yourself, so you can start living brave and taking action towards a more fulfilled, joyful and connected life.

To apply, please fill out the application form here and attach your CV and application documents! Application deadline is Thursday, 1st March 2018.


This programme will help you:

  • take steps to realise your aspirations and make changes in your life
  • feel braver and more confident
  • have greater clarity on your purpose and areas that make your life meaningful
  • act authentically in a way that’s consistent with your values
  • understand whose opinion really matters to you, and let go of pleasing others
  • have a greater self-awareness of what holds you back and what moves you forward
  • feel more connected to a network of other brave women within DevelopHer

Read more about the coaching programme in detail here.

Girls in Tech Represent! at #LeWeb13

Startup VIllage and Google Workshop under construction at the eve of the event

Startup Village and Google Workshop under construction at the eve of the event

#LeWeb, the annual conference gathering thought leaders and innovators – which started 10 years ago – is taking place this week in Paris. For 3 days, globally-minded startups, innovators and leaders from the tech industry will discuss the future of the internet. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to be the witness and report on what’s hot and ahead in tech.

Here is a quick heads-up on who, when, why, how, where and what to expect from #LeWeb reported by Girls in Tech London 😉

  • Live reporting

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  • What’s hot, cold or UFO in Tech?

This year, LeWeb is questioning what’s ahead in the next 10 years in the internet space. What can we expect if we look back at the last fast-paced 20 years?

Looking at the programme so far it seems that Geraldine & Loic have planned to answer this with a schedule that brings recognised, strong industry leaders of the last decades (Paypal, Microsoft, Apple, etc) and some of the most innovative businesses of the recent years (Uber, Evernote, Twitter, and the likes).

  • 3 days, 3 perspectives, and many, many topics covered

Looking at the sessions planned, the agenda seems to articulate this theme in 3 steps:

Monday – The first day, successful internet industry leaders of the past ten years will describe their vision of the future, perhaps telling the story of their company, what made them successful, and what’s their strategy to sustain that success in the next ten years.

Tuesday – This day could be titled: the state of innovation and entrepreneurship. Looks like a lot of sessions are trying to define what it means to be an internet entrepreneur, what are the current problems (#mobile, #meditation!, #Emerging Countries,…)  and how to make yourself innovative moving forward.

Wednesday – Internet advocates from the French Government are joining the leaders of cutting-edge technologies (artificial intelligence, connected TVs, 3D printing) to close #LeWeb, and (eventually) address its core theme. The big boys that have invested and are investing big money in the future will talk about their projection and the bets they have made for the next 10 years.

  •  What to expect 

Our partnership team will be on the ground with Marie Hardel and Josephine Goube, acting as agent representative of Girls in Tech London, along Roxanne Varza, our leading coordinator for Girls in Tech UK and France.

With their critical eye, sometimes on the (bad) edge of bitchiness, we will be reporting for GIT on what we think are the most thoughtful and meaningful ideas of #LeWeb. A first glance at the panel of speakers, it already seems like the gender ratio status quo is yet to be disturbed. But enough of feminism and moaning, let’s get this changed!

Girls, I count on you to be loud, to tweet and make women more visible online and offline at #LeWeb. 😉


Follow @GirlsinTech_UK to get a live stream of critical tweets from #LeWeb about the Internet’s past, present and future.  Tweet at us, share your insights, and if you are at LeWeb too, please come say hello!