Make 2018 Your Bravest Year Yet!

-Written by Anna Abrell, Board Member of DevelopHer –

Interested in overcoming fears, challenges and making this year your bravest year yet?

Whether you’re looking at making that next career progression, or you’re keen to try something new – sometimes a bit of courage and support is what will help us over the finish line!

At DevelopHer, we excited to share with you our latest announcement in partnership with The Bravest Path. We’re are offering an exclusive 6-month coaching programme to challenge and support members of our community to be ‘your bravest self’ in 2018. The program will culminate in sharing your stories of courage to the DevelopHer community of where you have shown up, be seen and lived bravely in 2018.

We’ll select 12 applicants to experience the Daring Way TM development based on the ground-breaking research of Dr Brené Brown with 4 online development sessions and 4 one-to-one Skype coaching sessions. Through the programme, you can expect a journey that will help you come away with a greater understanding of yourself, so you can start living brave and taking action towards a more fulfilled, joyful and connected life.

To apply, please fill out the application form here and attach your CV and application documents! Application deadline is Thursday, 1st March 2018.


This programme will help you:

  • take steps to realise your aspirations and make changes in your life
  • feel braver and more confident
  • have greater clarity on your purpose and areas that make your life meaningful
  • act authentically in a way that’s consistent with your values
  • understand whose opinion really matters to you, and let go of pleasing others
  • have a greater self-awareness of what holds you back and what moves you forward
  • feel more connected to a network of other brave women within DevelopHer

Read more about the coaching programme in detail here.

Hacking your Happiness in London next week

Hacking Happiness logoThere’s only one week left until the Hacking Happiness Summit and we are all very excited for the fusion of technology and mindfulness here in London. It is aimed at hacking your own mind and body to get the best out of it, and doing so by introducing attendees to new concepts and tools as well as providing hands on workshops and talks. Tickets are running out but you can still get 30% of tickets until the end of the day with code HAPPY1411 .

The conference focuses on human potential, performance and wellbeing, and exploring the technology and science-driven tools that are developing to enhance these. The summit takes place over the 13th -15th November in London, with satellite events including lectures, meditiation and yoga aroudn London, and a conference with a jam-packed schedule of experts on productivity, meditation, nutrition, psychologists and fitness.

Tickets are still available here and you can browse for a rundown of what’s going on. See you there!