Join the Girls in Tech UK team !

It’s been over a year since we launched Girls in Tech in the UK and a lot has happened in the last year.

We kicked off our launch with a full-day event at Google Campus, with over 100 attendees – and went on to reveal our GIT EURO 100 list that same day. The list was featured on tons of blogs, including both The Next Web and TechCrunch, helping to further recognise what exceptional female talent we have in the European tech ecosystem.

After our launch, we went on to team up with some of the UK’s top startup events and organisations, to help make these events more gender-balanced. We held our first Women’s Startup Weekend, held breakfasts with General Assembly and have helped integrate top women into other events and conferences throughout the UK.

Now, we want to take things to the next level. We have more incoming requests for events and collaboration than we can handle. We also want to develop our content and make sure we’re leveraging the digital space as well. Therefore, we’re currently seeking talented and passionate people to join our team and our cause – men included.

If you’re interested in joining Girls in Tech UK in any capacity, please fill-out this form by Friday, September 6, 2013.