Woman Techpreneur of the Year Awards: Applications Open!


“Techpreneur” is a catchy new term describing the growing popularity of entrepreneurs in the technology sector. Luckily, more women are getting involved in this space, and we believe they deserve to be recognised.

That’s why the University Women’s Club are launching the first annual “Techpreneur of the Year Award” to honour women involved in tech startups and to encourage more women to enter the scene.

“Have you ever dreamt of starting a business, but never quite dared? Most women are totally capable of succeeding and are particularly suited to tech-related startups, which can offer enormous flexibility in terms of where and when you work. Unfortunately, the word ‘tech’ often conjures up images of alien stereotypes: usually male!”
– Fiona Scott Lazareff, judging panel chair

So, who’s eligible? There are 2 categories:

Women who play a definitive role in an existing company which has been trading for less than five years and has a turnover of less than £10m


Women involved in enterprises that have not yet started actively trading.

The commendable panel of judges:

Olivia Solon
Deputy Editor, Wired.co.uk

Elizabeth Varley
Co-Founder and CEO, TechHub

Lucy Tobin
Senior News Feature Writer, Evening Standard

Kayleigh Bateman
Special Projects Editor, Computer Weekly

Sarah Turner
Founder, Angel Academe

Bec Astley Clarke
Founder and Chairman, astleyclarke.com

Victoria Walton
Co-founder and COO, sportpursuit.co.uk

Emma Lloyd
Director, Business Development, BSKYB

Cordelia Meacher
Managing Director, Fieldhouse Associates

Lisa Heneghan
Partner, KPMG

Sonia Powar
Partner, BOOST & Co

Debbie Wosskow
Founder and CEO, lovehomeswap.com

David Hathiramani
Co-founder, asuitthatfits.com

Mandeep Singh
Co-founder, streethub.com

How to apply:

You have until 10th May to submit your applications, with the awards ceremony & dinner being held on 26th June.

There’s about two weeks remaining — check out our UK Tech Women to Watch in 2014 list for inspiration on who should apply!