5 take aways from our dating app event

With February comes St Valentines Day. If you’re a single Girl in Tech, I imagine you may have taken the app store by storm, checking out the latest ways to get that date in your calendar to turn into something successful.


If so, I want to share 5 take aways from our Girls in Tech dating app event that, though maybe not always surprising, give a little insight into the technology we’re using.

1. Show me the money

Most of these apps are on a freemium model – and are looking to make revenue by offering a premium upgrade (such as improved targeting algorithms or filtering by looks), side marketing opportunities, or by selling data. So watch-out girls and be patient, the next generation of swipes will be smarter.

2. Ratio

Except for Dattch, the ratio of women & men among most dating apps is close to 80/20 percent… Will Antidate feedback change the ratio in the coming months? Who knows – but rest assured girl, that means you’re still a scarce resource, and any boy you swipe yes to should feel privileged. Yes, you got da power.

3. Selfie stick

Profile pics with another person on your side or in black and white are a NO-NO! Why would you do that in the first place?! By the way, cats are allowed for men and do not count as a person.


Even this guy is shocked you dared use a black and white pic of yourself


4. Watch out weirdos

Apps are not forcing people into behaviours they would not have without them but they definitely shaking up a society’s belief that you will spend your life with one person. Choose your app wisely: gay guys looking for a relationship? Swipe no to Grinder and yes to Tinder. Don’t want to be seen by your current boyfriend on a dating app or by your ex that you have gotten back on the market? Try out Antidate.

5. Love is a swipe or two, or several, away

The closer we get to the weekend, the more we swipe. We don’t know if it’s because we’ve consumed all we had to get from that guy we met last Saturday on Wednesday or if it is linked to alcohol consumption. Perhaps both?

Did you match?

Did you find a match?


Want to read more about dating apps? Our lovely Girls in Tech bloggers wrote the ten reasons why lesbians should try online dating and a nice opinion piece, Love, Aptually, looking at how these apps do change the game. Enjoy!

Finally, if you were at the event and downloaded the app, we would love to hear from you and your experience of these apps. Tell us in a blog, in our comments here or just tweet @girlsintech_uk

Wishing it was St Valentines everyday,


@josephinegoube from GIT