Five reasons to learn how to code

This guest blog is written by Designli

Whether it’s for a career or a hobby, coding puts you ahead of the game. Regardless that women still only make up a very small percentage of software developers in the industry – the ability to code can bring an overwhelming amount of options and opportunities for your career; some of the biggest names in technology started as coders.  So, if that’s not enough to get you started, here are our top 5 reasons to learn to code:


  1. Build a long-lasting career

Whether you’re looking for a new career or want to choose the right course to study, rest assured that coding is a long-term venture that won’t go away any time soon. Economy recessions can hit many careers, but coding is always in demand. Whether this be in a corporate or start up environment, developers are considerably sought-after, with many coders also make a living via freelancing software projects – so there’s always flexibility in your career.


  1. Improve your problem solving skills

Whatever field you’re in, problem solving is a valuable skill. As coding has a lot of logic embedded in its design – learning to code can improve your ability to solve problems. You see this in the best coders, who are forward thinkers: they see a need for a solution and they fill the gap. In many ways, code brings out people’s creativity, giving you the ability to think ahead and identify ways to help users work with your solutions.


  1. Build your own ideas

Many would-be entrepreneurs have some great ideas of their own, but hiring a developer can be expensive. However, you’ve got the know-how, you can cut many of the costs by doing it yourself. Whilst you’ll probably need help later down the road for maintenance and additions, it’s a great start to the learning curve of coding, whilst gaining responsibility by leading your own development. As your work progresses, outside help may be inevitable but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your code come to life.


  1. Understand technology

Whatever types of app you code, you’ll be forced to learn (and embrace) technology. By focusing on programming for the technology you actually enjoy, it’ll make it personally and professionally rewarding!

For example, if you like smartphones and tablets, you can program apps specifically for these devices. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in web technology, stick with creating desktop apps. You can even write low-level code in C++ that controls robotics and microprocessors. The beauty of coding is in the variety of options is offers, allowing you to choose an area of passion for your expertise.


  1. Learn the language of today – and the future

Finally, code is not only the language of today –  but the language of tomorrow as well. Being able to code opens new doors and experiences. Traditionally, you had to enter certain fields to change the world, but coders can make changes in everyday lives with the right code. If you take the problem-solving skills you learn to define a new solution –  then the combination of the right idea implemented with your own code, this has the power to change the way people do business or interact with others.

As a result, the digital language of coding can be fundamental to success.


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