DevelopHer: Join our journey and values


Our story so far

We are ever so proud of what we have achieved over the years and we appreciate the hard work and collaboration from our valued community. During this time, we’ve built an engaging community of over 10,000+, supported and ran an impressive number of events ranging from conferences, panels, networking sessions, coaching workshops and coding weekends.

A big highlight for us includes bringing 40 women together to meet the inspiring fifty female role models at 10 Downing Street,  which kicked off our amazing annual mentoring programme for 6 months.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Our new journey

At DevelopHer, we exist to elevate women in technology. We are a non-profit community dedicated to bringing women together to drive opportunities, develop confidence and create a network of support through events, networking and learning.

The DevelopHer team are a group of dedicated women who volunteer in their spare time to bring genders together to support those in their professional, personal and political opportunities. We strongly believe that we work best when we work together.

Our aims


  • Develop Careers: We aim to support those aiming to build and progress their careers in technology, digital and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop Confidence: We strive to proactively develop the skills, self-belief and discovery of learning in our community via monthly events, annual mentoring programmes, regular workshops and inspirational advice.
  • Develop Change: We want to create an open and friendly community regardless of gender; to bring together and grow the common goal of diversity and female communities across countries and disciplines; putting into practice how we can help and influence each other.

We thrive on the spirit of change, fun and encouragement in all that we do.


We truly believe that together we are better

As part of our commitment, we aim to to work with other diversity and tech groups with similar values. As we continue to work with Geek Girl Meetup, Blooming Founders, Women Who Code, SyncDevelopHER, WOWtalks and StartHer  our journey begins with collaboration being at the heart of what we do, in order to provide you the opportunities you need.

Make sure you join us in our journey and launch party by getting involved in our community or contact .

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