What do you know about Ladies Who Code?

It was such a pleasure to chat with Angie Maguire, co-founder of Ladies Who Code – an organisation that plans monthly meetups to bring the brightest female minds together to discuss tech, share ideas and innovate.

Ladies Who Code was founded in NYC in May 2011 by Angie and Shoshi Roberts. The two ladies used their strengths to team up: Shoshi the main inspiration/developer and Angie the event-planning and organisational mind behind it. To date the network has totalled 1500 women developers!

There are three main aspects behind what Ladies Who Code is about: visibility, retention, and most importantly community. Angie said “the whole point of Ladies Who Code is that one day it won’t exist” because hopefully one day being a woman developer in tech won’t be something people think twice about.

The movement has quickly spread to the UK and today has 3 chapters this side of the pond: Manchester, Birmingham, and London. This year marks the second annual conference and the first here in Europe, held this weekend on October 26th. It’ll feature a number of amazing speakers, and men are encouraged to join as well! It’s nearly sold out, so grab your tickets now.

The end of the conference will feature the launch of the speakers programme, which is meant to train women developers to have the confidence to speak in front of others and to provide scholarships for women to attend conferences.

Luckily if you can’t make it out this year, the conference talks will be hosted on the Ladies Who Code Youtube channel. Follow them on Twitter at @ladieswhocode for updates on that.

This movement is looking to spread, so consider if you’d want to lead a Ladies Who Code meetup in your city!