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Why is the tech industry still failing women?
Hootsuite CEO dishes on the scarcity of females in tech.
Or you can blame it on the obstacles to building a culture of entrepreneurialism among women: According to a recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report, more than half of women doubt their abilities to start a business, while men report having a much more robust professional network for advice and inspiration.
But it’s hard to get around a simple reality: Computer science, the backbone of any tech startup, is still a male-dominated field. Women comprise fewer than 30 percent of U.S. computer science and engineering programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels,according to the National Science Foundation
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Meet the starts of the City
The Observer brings together London’s top 23 entrepreneurs for a who’s who photoshoot.
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Putting HER in Hero
On Ada Lovelace day, Little Miss Geek celebrated the HER in Hero to shine a light on those women who can inspire a generation and to raise the awareness around new role models.
How many 12-year-olds do you know who have any idea about their future?
Currently, the UK’s tech workforce is only 17% female, and over the last 10 years this has been dropping by 0.5% each year. If the UK continues at this rate, by 2043 there will be fewer than 1% women working in technology despite more women being big consumers of technology.
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The invisible helmet
Two women and the invention that will change cycling forever. In this video they tell about their journey, watch now.

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