Networking tips from presenter Matthew Davies

Girls in tech event January 2014

Our first event of 2014 at the offices on Tuesday 28th January was a great success! We had many ladies and gents come out, who all enjoyed Matthew Davies’ tips for acing the networking process.

Matthew Davies Girls in tech London

Matthew Davies is the founder and senior coach at Power the Change as well as a successful writer and a broadcaster. With his enthusiasm, wit and charisma, Matthew helped our audience to feel more confident when networking. If you weren’t able to attend, here are some words of wisdom for you:

  • Before an event, rehearse in front of the mirror how you want to introduce yourself.
  • When at an event, just remember the word “ACTION”. Its letters stand for Acceptance, Courage, Thoughts, I am enough, Ownership, Needs of others
  • Lean into your passions and you can beat the fear!
  • If you easily get nervous, turn the spotlight on the other person rather than yourself.
  • Always be a keen listener and never sell!
  • Finally, if you’ve managed all the above, here are some real pro tips: speak up in order not to slur your words and remember to pause.


Thanks again to our amazing sponsor for the venue, pizza, snacks & drinks.

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